Thursday, November 30, 2006

TV Journal Assignment #5

In this course, I had to choose a program that I had to watch every week for 30 minutes in English. The TV program I chose was "Lost". After watching this program, I had to write a summary. I learned many things with this homework. For example, it helped my listening comprehension, I have learned new vocabulary and it reinforced the grammar I learned in class and developed my writing skills. I recommend this show to everyone because it has a lot of action and mysteries. After watching a single episode, you will ask for more. We fall in love with the characters and we always want to know what will happen to them in the next season. I think all students that are not perfect in English must try to do this. Finally, it is easy to understand a program that we like and we do not want to miss the next episode. Despite the fact that I watched the third season, I can not solve what the secrets of the island are.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

TV Journal Assignment #4

The character I chose is Kate. I woke up on the floor and I heard water and saw a strange man that said to me to remove my clothes and to take a shower. At first, I did not want to do it because I did not want him to see my nude body. After my shower, I did not find my clothes. I was surprised, when the man gave me a sexy dress. Then I walked until the beach where there was a table with a breakfast and a pair of handcuffs. It was the men we captured the last time. Henry (Ben) obliged me to made the handcuffs tighter and I must eat with him. But I did not eat anything. The man said that I had to eat because the two next weeks will not be amusing for me. When I saw the man I was asking where Sawyer and Jack were. At the end, Ben brought me in a cage. I had many injures on my wrist when he removed my handcuffs. I was very sad and hungry. In another cage, I saw Sawyer, he asked if I was ok and if I was hungry. He gave me a fish that looked like a dog candy. It was very good food.

Monday, September 18, 2006

TV Journal Assignment #2

In the fourth episode of ''Lost'', we learned that Locke couldnt walk while the airplane was crashing. We learned this because we saw a flashback of Locke. A miracle happened on the island. While Locke was walking, some people were injured seriously. At the beginning of the episode, some people were trying to sleep, they were listening to some noises that scared them when they decided to find what it was. When they shined a flashback in the fuselage of the airplane, two glowing eyes shined. Jack was trying to understand what happened and everybody was running back. Finally, they discovered that it was only two wild boars. After four days with not enough food, the survivors decided to hunt the boars. Locke, Michael and Kate went in the jungle to find the boar trail while Claire was beginning to collect the personal effects of the dead to use in a eulogy during a cremation. As night fell, the fuselage ignited and the names of the dead were read in a memorial to them. Finally at the end, everybody was happy because Locke came back with a dead boar.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

TV Journal Assignment #1

The TV program I choose is "Lost". The story takes place when the airplane crashed with 48 passengers and all the survivors realized that they are imprisoned on a desert island. There are many people who survived and some who died. The major conflicts in the story are that they have to learn to survive on the island, to live with each other, also to live with themselves and their pasts. The story shows many flashbacks for each survivor and we could see the past life of every characters. Also, you can learn more about the main character and how they will try to find the islands secrets. The principal characters are Doctor Jack, prisoner Kate, rock star Charlie, a mysterious man named Locke etc. I chose this program because it was a good story and there was a lot of suspense. I hope to learn what the secrets of the island are.